MINI-DVD Evidence for Time Travel.

I told the girl time traveller that movie companies would ban the DVD recorder

because people could use it to copy movies, just like they use a CD writer

to burn copies of CDs and this is much worse than the VCR because

the copies are identical bit for bit and there is no generation loss.


She told me, "There gonna be a MINI-DVD, in 2003."

1998 came and went, no MINI-DVD, finally by 1999

I was sure she was a fraud. That was until 2003

rolled around and guess what, we have a MINI-DVD.


She also predicted that by 2010 we will not use the MINI-DVD

but will instead use small crystal memory. She told me that the

first units to come out are 20 & 40 pentabyte units, I said

"You mean, terabytes?" She said "No, in the future they

don't use terabytes, they use PENTABYTES!"

Funny as Terabyte drive are coming out in 2007 and

Sony is working on a flash memory./hard drive replacement.


I'm not laughing, anymore.

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