Future of Flowers

Flower in the future What a beautiful future we will have filled with flowers. Hills covered with forest, and oceans teaming with fish. And yet for a while there was a time when it seemed that all would end.
World war three was a long and terrible war. It turned our warm wet world into a red radioactive ruin. Endless desert still is. Sand dunes extend like an ocean. It occupies the former green areas. There were very few people left indeed, and it was a long hard struggle to survive.


Still, the flowers bloomed and in their petals was the hope of rebirth. From the ashes of the old world a different world was born anew. Yeah, one in which people lived in peace. There is fear no more. These people of the future will plant flowers instead of playing destructive video games.

Hopefully, we can help create this better world, where war is no more.

I plan to create a list of time travel links like those inside FluxCap.

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