Vortex Hunting

To go hunting for a grid point vortex, I bring along a cell sensor EMF detector that allows me to see anomalous magnetic readings. The small black box is set to beep and flash when I am over a vortex.

open field is perfect place for vortex hunting

It is important to find a field far away from power lines as they can confuse the EMF meter with a false reading. Look for a bald spot in the field where nothing grows. The vortex is usually circular and has insects in or around it.

Bugs are quite common around a grid point vortex because they are pulled in by the strange electrical and magnetic properties of this anomalous zone; so it is important to look for insects when vortex hunting.

James Catterral says that you will often spot a cloud of gnats over the bare area when vortex hunting. He recommends using an EMF meter.

Since a vortex is magnetic in nature an EMF detector or gaussmeter can be used to locate its origin. The grid point vortex will also disrupt radio waves.

If you have a cell phone with you - it will often cut out over and give you a NO SERVICE when you are over the center of the grid point. The same with a small transistor radio which can also be used to locate these areas known as dead zones. A map of dead spots near a cellular telephone tower is a dead give away of interesting areas to explore.

In the field above there is zero cellular telephone reception. It is a very interesting place. Bare spots are common as are anthills and insects.

In this bright lush field there are no bald spots. The vegetation is lush and green. There are no twisted trees or anthills to point out a vortex.

Prof Opmur says that he uses binoculars to spot a vortex. He looks for heat waves and a distortion to find one.

Regular 10X50 binoculars can be used in a forest to detect the "heat wave" signature.

You look for a far away tree to see if there is a distortion in its shape.

Vortex hunting is fun. It will take you a while to find what you are looking for.

Certain areas are more productive than others when you go vortex hunting. After a while you can visually detect areas where a vortex might be located.

Steven Gibbs told me that cats are natural vortex hunters. They have an innate ability to locate this place. People often fear a black cat because of its role in witchcraft. Interesting as paranormal phenomena, such as ghosts and UFO are quite common near a vortex. Steven Gibbs says that a place where UFOs are sighted and cats are common is a sign a vortex is nearby.

black cat is great for vortex hunting

For some reason, cats like to sleep over a vortex. They are attracted to the energies found there. According to Steven Gibbs, if you want to find a vortex - GET A CAT.

In contrast, birds are scared to death of a vortex and will become frantic if a cage is placed over one.

Using EMF technology to find a vortex is common, I obtained a cell sensor on Ebay for under twenty bucks. Steven Gibbs told me a transistor radio is another inexpensive way to find one. Simply tune the radio to a far away station and it will cut out when you are close.

Keep an eye for a bald spot in your grass. That is a typical sign..

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